Thought it is clear that those tags can be used for different things I think there is some overlapping.


Since a study can be used as a reference and a reference can be either a book based on some studies or only one study it seems clear that reference and a study can be the same thing.


Learning methods in itself can be pretty vague and can refer to either a book, a collection of software or to learning techniques. On the other hand, reference overlaps the previous tags because the concept of reference overlaps the above-cited meanings of learning-methods save for the techniques part.


Here I don't think there is any overlapping.

My conclusion is that overlaps with at least to tags. Thus I wonder if we had better not using it.

The have already be given a tag guidance whereas the two others have not.

I would suggest the following tag guidance for :

Ask for published scientific studies which address the problematic asked by the question.

On the other hand, the vagueness in reference-request prevent me from giving a satisfying definition

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    I don't see any relationship at all between [published-studies] and [learning-methods].
    – Flimzy
    Commented Apr 8, 2016 at 6:46

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The overlap between and is partly my fault.

We'd been discussing dropping the tag on Meta, but we hadn't agreed on a replacement tag or general solution yet.

I liked bilbo_pengouin's suggestion of and I had a question to tag with it, so I used it.

A little bit after that, Gilles suggested using , which seems to be the standard on other SE sites, so that tag was put in place by a few people.

As with Meta discussions, I usually prefer to let a discussion ferment rather than accept the first decent answer to get a law in place. However the time wait on this kinda messed up how I chose the tags, so I've gone with the answer, and we can put that in place now.

At this point, it would be excellent to tag synonymise as a synonym of , however that's a CM-exclusive power until someone gets the rep (and tag rep) to do so.

I will go and edit all of the tags to use instead.


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