Questions tagged [retag-request]

Questions related to re-tagging questions, i.e. change the tags of questions.

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Do we need the tag [personalize]?

There is currently one question with the tag personalize, which was probably specifically created for this question. I have two objections to it: Tags our typically nouns, not verbs, so ...
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The tag "comparative-linguistics" is spelt wrong

I just joined this community because while lurking I found a question tagged "comparitive-linguistics" (sic). Can we edit "comparative-linguistics" so that it has an "ra" instead of "ri"? On a ...
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The tag [re-acquisition] should be changed to [reacquisition]

According to several online dictionaries, the word "reacquisition" does not have a hyphen. As such, I stand to change the re-acquisition tag to reacquisition. (We can keep the same tag description.)
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About the tags [reference-request], [published-studies] and [learning-methods]

Thought it is clear that those tags can be used for different things I think there is some overlapping. reference-request and published-studies Since a study can be used as a reference and a ...
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