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Nominate Pro Tempore Moderators

All of the following content has been copied from here.

As some of you may know, StackExchange sites get "Pro Tempore" moderators just before the private beta goes public. These moderators are chosen by the StackExchange Community Team rather than being voted on due to the generally small size when the site moves from private to public beta but still really needing some users who can use all the moderator tools.

How do you become a provisional moderator for this site? Soon after the site launches into "public beta," the Community Team will appoint provisional moderators from this community until the community is ready to hold its own elections (once it graduates from beta).

Deep engagement in the community's development is required for all temporary moderator candidates. All potential candidates must:

Have a reasonably high reputation score to indicate active, consistent participation.

Show an interest in their meta’s community-building activities. Lead by example, showing patience and respect for their fellow community members in everything they write. Exhibit those intangible traits discussed in A Theory of Moderation.

Bonus points for:

  • Members with participation in both meta and the parent site (i.e. interest in both community building and expertise in the field).

  • Area 51 participation, social network referrals, or blogging about the site.

  • Members who have already shown an interest or ability to promote their community.

Besides the normal abilities of a Moderator, they will:

Have access to a special chat room where we will collectively work through the challenges of moderation and community self-policing. Organize the process of selecting the site’s attributes (domain names, design issues, the [help center], etc.). Rally community support and drive the mission of getting publicity for the site. Essentially, they will have the ear of the Stack Exchange team for anything we can do to help their sites succeed!

For each user that you would like to nominate,

  • post an answer containing the URLs to both of the user's main and meta profiles on this site.

  • Optionally, link to the user's Area 51 profile or a profile from another site, or add a reason why you'd like him/her to moderate during beta.

  • Self-nominations (i.e. posting your own profiles) are allowed and even encouraged. Post each user as a separate answer, and add multiple answers if you wish to nominate multiple users.

  • Additionally, if someone nominates you, please edit the answer to indicate your approval (or declination). Optionally, add a paragraph or two about yourself.

If you downvote a particular nomination, you are encouraged to share why you did so in the comments, though you are not required to do so. Optionally, you may do the same for upvotes.

Everything above is fairly standard. However I have a few extra notes:

  • being on this list does not guarantee being picked; it is just a good spot to gather community views on who we want as mods.

  • not being on this list doesn't mean you won't be picked.

In regards to being picked:

  • It is based on complicated metrics including history on other SE sites.

  • Not being picked should not be construed as the SE Team not liking you/not trusting you. It is most likely due to too many good potential moderators to fill the limited number of slots.

No downvotes! Only vote for those you support! If you do downvote, better leave some reasons why!