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Questions about off-topic questions and what to do with them.

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Is the question asking how to pronounce "dad" in Arabic on topic?

I'm referring to How can I pronounce the Arabic Dad?. It basically asks how "Dad" is pronounced in Arabic. Personally, I'd consider it off-topic for the reason: Question about the ...
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How can we reduce the number of off-topic "specific characteristics of a language" questions?

Many questions are closed here under the close reason: Question about the grammatical rules or specific characteristics of a language. Use this reason when a question asks for an explanation of ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Are "what should I do in this situation" questions on-topic?

Recently, I've noticed a few questions pop up from various users concerning situations where the question's author asks for the most sound course of action in their particular language learning ...
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Are not list-questions off-topic in this site?

Are not list-questions off-topic in this site? If so, why?
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Request to reopen a question about vocabulary learning

How does learning vocabulary through sentences compare to learning with words alone? The above question was closed as primarily opinion-based. In fact, a great deal of research has been conducted ...
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How to avoid asking opinion-based questions?

Seemingly, a lot of questions are being closed as opinion-based. How can a user avoid asking a question that's primarily opinion-based?
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