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Questions about (the process of) migrating (off-topic) questions from Language Learning Stack Exchange site to another Stack Exchange site, or in the opposite direction.

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ELL Mod asks: Are these types of questions good candidates for migration here?

I'm one of the Mods at SE.ELL. Our site attracts a fair number of questions asking for learning resource and technique recommendations. We've decided that these requests are off-topic for the main ...
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Please don't migrate proofreading questions to English Language Learners

Please don't migrate questions like this one: Could you help correct this paragraph [closed] I had started working a full-time job since I wasn't graduated. After almost 2 years of working, I find ...
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Would it be suitable and possible to migrate "How to get started learning Chinese?" (currently closed at Chinese.SE) here?

I'm not 100% sure this is even possible, but at Chinese.SE there's the question How to get started learning Chinese? [closed]. Maybe if it were migrated here, it would be on-topic? Question: Would it ...
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