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How can the question about an English grammar course be improved?

The question For a English Grammar Course, what should be included in the list below and what should be removed? was closed because, according to the three close voters, it "needs to be more ...
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How can we help people who post questions that cover all aspects of language learning at once?

Our site regularly receives questions from people who want to know everything about learning a foreign language from scratch and that are therefore too broad. Sometimes we get questions that are ...
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Are not list-questions off-topic in this site?

Are not list-questions off-topic in this site? If so, why?
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Should a question based on false premise be closed?

There is an argument saying that questions based on false premise should be closed*. An example question of that argument is "How's X helpful?"**. According to the argument, that question is based on ...
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When can my edited question finally be released from the "on hold status"

I edited my question within less then 24h after it was put on hold. But instead of "releasing" it people seem not even have realized that it has been re-edited and some keep down-voting it. The ...
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