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For questions about the proper procedures, tips, and other info about asking questions on the main site

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How to avoid asking resource-request questions that are too localized?

Prompted by discussion on this post. resource-request already exceeds the bounds other SE sites set for on-topic questions. What are guidelines that can be followed to promote high-quality resource ...
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3 answers

How to react when a good answer answers the opposite direction that the question asks?

What are the advantages of a paper dictionary over an online dictionary? The question asks for the advantage of paper dictionary over an online dictionary. However, the answer in the link mostly ...
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3 answers

Suggestion: Avoid asking yes-or-no questions

We get a lot of questions which, I expect unintentionally, turn out to be yes-or-no questions. This may occasionally be entirely the best way to ask a specific question, but often a question can be ...
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