I tried using html tags, but the tags did not work.

<h1 style="background-color:DodgerBlue;">quiero comer fruta cruda. Por ejemplo, apples.</h1>         

<p style="background-color:Tomato;">want I eat raw fruit. For example, apples.</p>
quiero comer fruta cruda. Por ejemplo, apples. want I eat raw fruit. For example, apples.

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Stack Exchange markdown doesn't admit colors, so basically you can't. There's bold and italics and both bold and italics. And there's





quoted text,

spoiler text,

and you can copy/paste unicode 🔴 🟦 🅰️. See the markdown help page.

If it's necessary to add colors, you can do so via an image. I wouldn't recommend this as it makes the text less accessible and unsearchable (plaintext is better).

On some sites there are workarounds, like math.SE where you can use MathJax to color LaTeX code, but not here.

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