Just arrived here at LL community and saw a comment mentioning "A level" being the most basic kind of official recognition. As far as I know, this is an European standard:

asking google about EU levels

Browsing other site questions, I met one where OP states:

I’m a between B1 and B2 level Right now.

And then one commenter asks:

what are B1 and B2 levels?

My questions are: how relevant are those categories? Do they need specific tags? I've researched for , [a*], tags but didn't find anything related.

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The CEFRL categories are a relatively popular method of measuring language proficiency. We have a question about them here.

At the moment, we don't have CEFRL level-specific tags. However, I wouldn't be particularly against having CEFRL level-specific tags, but so far I don't believe we've had a need for them. It's possible that if we get too specific with the proficiency tags we'll get a lot more language-specific questions (something we don't want).

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