As you may have noticed, the top bar on this site (and every other Stack Exchange site) has a new icon button that looks like an ice crystal. This button is available for the duration of Winter Bash, a yearly event during which you can earn "hats" by participating in the site.

Below are a few examples of hats you can earn:

  • "Taco Tuesday Any Day": post three answers that get at least three upvotes each.
  • "Identification Division": earn a silver badge.
  • "Too cool": vote seven times via the app.
  • "Like Clockwork": visit the site on 10 consecutive days.
  • "Fascinator": do a search on the site on three consecutive days.

There are many other hats and a few secret hats (which Stack Exchange users quickly figure out). When you earn a hat, you can position it over your avatar. Of course, participation in this "hatarchy" is entirely optional; you can opt out (and opt in again) at any time.

Winter Bash 2017 will end on 3 January 2018, after which all hats will disappear and everything will return to normal.

After last year's Winter Bash, our site got an "honourable mention" on the Stack Overflow blog:

A big congratulations goes out to Language Learning, as it only took 2 users to unlock the ["Just Here for the Hat"] hat, with one user having 18 of the distinct hats.

Let's see if we can repeat this in this year's Winter Bash!

Update: Here is the leaderboard for our site.

Note: As of 11 April 2018, this question is locked in order to prevent the Community User from bumping it up to the homepage.


Winterbash 2017 is now over. On our site, 35 users collectively managed to earn a total of 60 hats.

Winterbash 2017 leaderboard: 35 users from this site have earned a total of 60 hats!. Top users: Christophe Strobbe (8 hats), bytebuser (4 hats), fi12 (4 hats)

The hats are gone now, but we can have another go at them in 11.5 months!

Update: Farewell, Winter Bash 2017! on the Stack Overflow Blog (10 January 2018).

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