For instance, in this question:

For the IPA translation of a whole sentence, does it matter in terms of readability if it only has a pair of brackets encompassing the whole transcription?

For instance the transcription for "as soon as possible" would appear like this

/əz sun əz ˈpɑsəbəl/

instead of

/əz/ /sun/ /əz/ /ˈpɑsəbəl/

I'm asking something that is rather related to how to show IPA transcriptions so that anyone can read it without any troubles.

Also, I've seen a couple of questions asking whether it's ok to use IPA transcriptions when learning a foreign language, so this question might a follow-up.

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The question in the quoted section of your answer is not related to language learning; it is purely about the technicalities of phonemic transcription, which may be on topic on Linguistics Stack Exchange.

As it currently stands, the question would not be on topic here.

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