The community blog is just that: a community blog, meaning its content is not up to the discretion of a single user, rather this community.

What can we do ensure that the community is in agreement about what is posted on the blog?


Here's my take on the review process:

  • An author writes a draft.
  • They notify potential editors/reviewers of the draft by posting the link in the chat.
  • An editor reviews the draft to check at least the following things:
    • appropriateness for the blog (which should not be a big deal);
    • language (grammar, spelling, ...);
    • the presence of a link to a question, answer or tag on the main site (since we want to drive more users to the site; use the "share" links instead of those from the URL bar);
    • correct attribution of images and other content from other sources (including licences of this content).
  • The presence of a copyright statement and/or licence.
  • A reviewer can optionally ask another reviewer to have a look at the draft (e.g. a non-native speaker of English asking a native speaker to check the language).

After this, the article should be ready for publication.

  • How will we determine who the editors and authors are? – fi12 Feb 22 '17 at 16:22

I propose we set up a post review system, of sorts. Once a post is finished being written, the writer will post a preview link somewhere* and wait for approval by 2** editors†. Once it has been approved, the post will be added to the scheduling queue to await publishing.

Variables that need to be confirmed:


  • Chat?
  • Meta? (probably not)
  • Is there a post review mechanism on Medium?
  • Somewhere else?


1? 2? 3? More?

  • Editors?
  • Writers?
  • Community members?
  • Someone else?
  • I think the draft should be announced in the chat. One reviewer is probably sufficient, but the reviewer can always ask for a second opinion (e.g. a non-native speaker of English asking a native speaker to check the language). – IkWeetHetOokNiet Nov 30 '16 at 19:15

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