Some (many?) Stack Exchange sites have Twitter accounts: Stack Overflow has @StackOverflow, Japanese StackOverflow has @jaStackOverflow, English Language Learners has @StackEnglishLL, Chinese Stack Exchange has @StackChinese, Russan SE has @StackRussian, Chess SE has @StackChess, etc.

Retweeting tweets from such accounts can help in promoting the site.

So, does Language Learning SE have a Twitter account? If yes, where is it? I have not been able to find it.


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We don't have such an account, as you've figured out. However, there's technically nothing stopping us from setting one up as long as we have community support. Here's a script for an automatic bot that retweets popular hot questions on LL and provides a link to them. If we could configure to pull data from our site, we'd be set.

That being said, we'd have to consider what benefit the bot would actually have on our site participation. ELU's Twitter account only has about 700 followers, and keep in mind that ELU is one of the largest sites on the network in terms of site traffic and number of users. Because of this, we'd have to weigh the benefits of setting up such an account, but I'd agree that it's still worth a try.

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