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Are sign languages treated as normal languages and are considered on-topic?

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Sign language should be allowed. Though you might not speak it, it is still a language and this topic can bring up some interesting posts in the future.

Basically, sign language should be allowed as it is a language, just used with hands and usually by those who can't speak, and all normal rules on questions will apply to questions about sign language.

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  • Agreed. Let's wait for more feedback. – Kolappan N Apr 5 '16 at 20:59

Absolutely, it should be allowed. Sign language linguistics research is very active. I have a close friend who is a linguist and is currently at a British university; she is going to be starting her PhD in Cambodian Sign Language (in which she did field work in developing in Cambodia).

Look up her profile at: Anastasia Bradford

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Sign language is a means of communicating, other than in standard English, and should therefore be on topic here.

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