We've received a number of recent questions which seem to me to have a Linguistics slant. Up to now, I'm the only one to have provided a vote to close. Does this mean the community is on vacation, or that they think these questions should remain here?

And in a more general sense: To what extent, if any, do we want to allow questions about the linguistic characteristics of languages, rather than about techniques for learning these languages?


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I assure the community definitely isn't on vacation; I'm very much still here. I must've not stumbled over these questions previously, but now, I too have cast a close vote on both, as they both seem to related to the linguistic aspects of a specific languages.

As such, I think such questions are off-topic here, as they don't actually relate to any aspect of learning a language.


Linguistics questions are permitted to the extent that they are about those domains in applied linguistics that are related to language learning: first language acquisition, second language acquisition (which also covers the acquisition of foreign languages generally), language assessment, bilingualism, multilingualism, etc.

There may even be questions related to cognitive linguistics that are relevant to language learning, although I don't have any examples at the moment.

Comparative linguistics can also be relevant to this site; see e.g. What metrics can be used to gauge language similarity?.

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