I am not noticing any problem with the question titles on this SE, but for future reference I might as well ask this. How properly formatted do question titles have to be? Do they have to be like Aviation, where almost every title is questionised; Meta SE; or do/would we have our own question title policy?

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  • I have a meta.ELL post touching the same issue. I haven't seen bad titles on LL yet. – M.A.R. Apr 7 '16 at 7:08

Policy: no. Guidelines/best practices: yes.

Question titles shouldn't be a necessary requirement of a question to be on-topic. That said, as a community, we should leave polite, respectful and helpful comments to users if necessary.

Comments like "Welcome to Language Learning! Your title is a bit unclear, it should be about X" are much more pleasant for new users and site veterans than overly pedantic on-topic requirements.

We can put together a Best titles guidelines/best practices reference Meta post together to link, like "Welcome to Language Learning! Your title... See How to write good titles for more information! "

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Titles need to be readable, and contain enough keywords relating to the question being asked, since when searching for past questions, or deciding whether to read a current one, it it not helpful when you see something like:

What is the difference between these two methods?

I may have experience with one of them and could provide some assistance, but given the title I might just move on to the next question.

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