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Should we widen the scope of our site? And if yes, how?

I have been monitoring our site statistics since October 2016 and have noticed that the average number of questions per day has rarely exceeded 1. The highest average I have found is 1.4 (27.12.2016, 24-25.01.2017); the lowest was 0.1 (06-09.08.2017). The number of visitors per day has tripled since October 2016 and the number of users has also grown, but that growth has been slowing down since mid-December 2017.

Although it's OK for our site to remain in perpetual beta, I would like to avoid the fate of Personal Productivity SE, which was closed down on 6 March of this year. (The low average of questions per day of 0.4 reflects the fact that people stopped asking question when the shutdown was announced; it was originally much higher than on our site.) One of the reasons given in the meta post about the site's shutdown was low voting activity, which has also been an issue on this site.

Our help centre explains What topics can I ask about here? and What types of questions should I avoid asking?. The "Don't Ask" page probably doesn't need changing, but I'm wonder if we can come up with ways to extend the scope of our site without ending up with more bad subjective questions.

If you can think of something of topics that can be added to the site's scope, please post one answer per topic. (I'll also post a "no" answer that people opposed to an extended scope can vote on.) At some point after Easter, I want to take up the topic of again, and any new topics that might have been added to our scope could get included in a YouTube video or other materials.